Active Websites

These are websites I have created that are currently deployed.

Martell Forestry website screenshot

Martell Forestry, Inc.
HTML + CSS, Logo, Graphics, Copy, WordPress

SMN Lab website screenshot

MSU Social & Media Neuroscience Lab
HTML + CSS, Logo, Graphics, WordPress

60th Anniversary timeline screenshot

60th Anniversary Ad+PR Timeline
HTML + CSS, TimelineJS, Graphics, Copy, Content Editing

StratSciCom website screenshot

Strategic Science Communication Project
HTML + CSS, Graphics, WordPress, PHP + MySQL

60th Anniversary Ad+PR Map
HTML + CSS, PHP+MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, Graphics, Copy

The Brief – Ad+PR Student Newsletter
HTML + CSS, Graphics, Copy, WordPress

Websites Under Development

These are websites and web applications I’ve built that are currently under active development or waiting to be deployed.  Click to see a larger screenshot.

Digital Portfolio Night – MSU/OneClub for Creativity
HTML + CSS, Bootstrap, PHP + MySQL

MSU Children’s Central Initiative
HTML + CSS, Logo, Graphics, WordPress

Where Shall I Go to Study Advertising & Public Relations?
HTML + CSS, jQuery, PHP + MySQL, Graphics

Ad+PR Tip of the Spear Newsletter
HTML + CSS, Graphics, Copy, Content Editing, WordPress